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Project to Product Training (3 Days) For Your Company

ADAPT your project-centric company toward a modern product-led company

ADAPT Methodology® – The Project To Product Methodology


Our project to product training supports you by providing you with an entire roadmap to adapt project-oriented companies toward product-centric companies. Our project to product training is based on our proven ADAPT Methodology®.


The ADAPT Methodology® is a unique Digital Product Development framework to change traditional project-oriented companies toward product-centric companies! Society changed and leaders need support to adapt their companies to the digital era, that is the reason why the ADAPT Methodology® was created!




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The Approach pillar will measure your company’s capability to educate, inspire and generate leads for your digital product. You cannot have a product company without a continuous flow of leads coming into your sales pipeline.



The Data pillar will measure your company’s capability to organise and have a better understanding of your customer’s habits and reactions to your product. You cannot have a product company without understanding how the customers are using your product.



The Agility Pillar exists to transform software development organisations into agile, flexible, and fast digital operational companies, resulting in improved time-to-market. You cannot have a product company without working in a very agile and flexible way.


The Product pillar exists to Improve the odds of success by learning to design a winning product strategy, develop viable business models, and discover the right product for the right audience. You cannot have a product company without a solid strategy product strategy in place.


The Transform pillar exists to help you to restructure your organisation in order to create an organisation that is optimised for speed, innovation, alignment, and knowledge sharing by breaking hierarchies. You cannot have a product company if not designed for the digital era.


Who Should Attend

Are you an entrepreneur or executive leader looking to adapt your project-oriented company towards a product-centric company?


Are you an entrepreneur or executive leader looking to scale your business without losing speed, alignment, and more importantly without increasing complexity?


Are you an entrepreneur or executive leader of a business that is growing tremendously every year leading you to become slower and lose control of what’s going on in your organization?​​​


Are you an executive leader of an established business that is reinventing itself to achieve fantastic results in the digital era?


Then you need to attend our project to product training! At the end of the project to product training, you will have a pretty good idea of several pieces that you need to have in place within your organisation to succeed at Digital Product Development!


What Will You Get Out Of The Project to Product Training?

At the end of the Project to Product Training, you will be able to get some really good ideas to solve the following problems:

  • What is the difference between a project-oriented company vs a product-centric company
  • How to articulate the strategy with a Lean Product Roadmap and OKRs
  • How to design a company that is designed and optimized for developing products
  • A blueprint that enables the possibility to validate new product ideas in a very fast way
  • How to design a company where product Innovation is part of the company DNA
  • How to enable flawless cooperation between technical and business areas
  • A blueprint that allows ideation and product discovery process
  • A blueprint that provides a very accurate way to predict product delivery
  • How to create a company that’s better able to change business priorities
  • How to build a company with the ability to increase the speed of delivery
  • How to make more money more quickly by not adopting typical waterfall tools
  • How to improve your business and software development quality
  • How to effectively integrate product discovery and product delivery
  • How to build an organization that keeps everyone aligned to the big purpose
  • How to move from a traditional project organization to a product organization
  • How to simplify the entire software release lifecycle
  • How to define a data strategy for your company’s digital product
  • How to define an entire content strategy to increase your digital product brand
  • How to design a company that is designed and optimized for developing products
  • How to design a company that contains a Digital Product Delivery Blueprint as the one presented below:

Organisatiaonal Mastery Organisational Mastery Blueprint