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Definition of Done Checklist The Ultimate List For Any Team

This blog presents a possible Definition of Done Checklist and gives you 15 examples/ideas of items that should be part of your Definition of Done.

Definition of Done Checklist

When I joined an Agile Team, one of the most common exercises that I helped the team with was the Definition of Done Checklist. Wikipedia defines Definition of Done (DoD) as follows:


“Definition of Done is the exit criteria to determine whether a product backlog item is complete. In many cases, the DoD requires that all regression tests should be successful. The definition of “done” may vary from one Scrum team to another, but must be consistent with one team.” The original page can be reached here.


I like to help the team to come up with their Definition of Done (DoD), but in the end, I like to challenge their DoD, making them think a bit 😉

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about what means to have a Green Build. This blog post can be found here.


For me is clear that a story is only Done when all the topics of the DoD list are met, and the build is Green. Below you have a picture describing what I mean. And of course, the team is always trying to move items from the outside Box into the Green Build Policy box.



Below I am listing 15 items that you might or might not want to include on your DoD. Some of these items are more challenging than others, but this is just a basic list of ideas that can help you to define your own DoD, a general guideline; feel free to pick and choose those that best apply to your situation.

  • X% of code coverage from Unit Test
  • Automated tests for the User Story are created and pass
  • Acceptance criteria is met
  • All regression testing of the product is moving
  • System-level Non-Functional requirements ( e.g. System-level performance) tested and passed
  • Software is running in the server to be defined by the team (optimally in pre-production)
  • Code review by peer
  • Technical documentation updated
  • User documentation updated
  • User Documentation is localised
  • Localisation for the story is done
  • Localisation testing is done
  • Marketing input is done
  • Legal documents are done
  • Beta Testing is done

If you want to know how to mature your Definition Of Done, check this blog posts: “Definition of Done In Agile And What Can You Do To Mature It?

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