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A brilliant way how to clarify the Scrum Master responsibilities

This article describes a great exercise how to clarify Scrum Master responsibilities and how to do it within a 2-hour session with your team.

Scrum Master Responsibilities

How to clarify the Scrum Master responsibilities

Clarifying Scrum Master responsibilities can be sometimes challenging.

When working with teams, it is not very common to see people complaining about Scrum Master responsibilities, however, they do complain because their expectations are not aligned with those that the Scrum Master should have.


Imagine a scenario where a team deals with a situation that gets out of the control. The environment gets quite dark and relationships among colleagues is not the best.


The best thing you can do to solve this situation is to organise a 2-hour “get-together” session to clarify roles.

What to do in the session?

  1. Ask your team to read articles about Scrum master responsibilities and roles. Please check some examples at the end of this article.
  2. Ask the Product owner and teams to prepare a list of expectations for Scrum master responsibilities.
  3. Ask the Scrum master to make a list of what he thinks his role is.

During the session, ask your team to present their expectations on the flip chart. You should also present what the organisation expects from the Scrum Master.


Having all expectations present, ask the team to create a final version with the roles and responsibilities.


Giving the opportunity to people to share what they think and feel it´s actually very powerful.


This is an opportunity to speak up and listen, which is very crucial for creating a great environment in a team. This way team spirit increases and improves and creates some positive effect.


If you´re interested to read more  about Scrum Master´s role, read the article Scrum Master role – everything what managers need to know.


Scrum Master job description is an article that highlights ideas how to write a great job description for Scrum master´s role.

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