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October 26, 2020

Episode #1 With Geoff Hetherington


Luis Gonçalves and leading business coach strategist, Geoff Hetherington, contend that in today’s ever-changing business landscape, organisations must change. In this podcast, they discuss the challenges that C-Suite and executive leaders face in adapting their organisations for digital transformation.


They explain how such a transformation super-powers businesses to interact with employees, suppliers, and clients with a greater sense of immediacy than ever before, more effectively, more efficiently, and more productively.


Geoff describes the smorgasbord of software development tools and options available to achieve this and which complements Luis’ own ADAPT Methodology™ blueprint that can be tailored to suit any shape or size of business.


From Geoff’s extensive leadership experience as a digital disruptor for a number of multi-million dollar organisations in Australia and Indonesia, you’ll learn how digital transformation helps your own become operationally smart in what is the biggest structural shake-up in the business world since the industrial era.


His business insights across the complete spectrum of business activity offer a complete understanding of how digital technology has advanced our understanding and handling of data, and how every business should be thinking in new ways of approaching and serving customers using digitalization as a means of delivering products and services to market, more quickly and more profitably.


To maximize these outcomes, Geoff explains the need for leaders to change their business model given that every year, thousands of more agile entrants disrupt and threaten traditional market share. In response, government legislation, customer behaviors, and delivery demands are continually evolving, more especially so since the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need for change and reshaped how our customers find and purchase from us.


If you need any further convincing that your organization should be ultra-aware to adapt and ready to design a conscious digital transformation strategy, Geoff talks about several big names that have already embraced innovation to meet the needs of their customers as part of their own digital transformations, as a
result of which, their ROI has increased exponentially.


Any doubts of how and where leaders need to start this transformation are answered in this in-depth and important conversation. The reality is, before too long, even the biggest organisations won’t be able to operate in the same way as they do today.


Unless that is, they commit to adapting to and implementing agile digital transformation across their whole organisation’s structure in order to continue delivering fantastic products and services. This they can do, safe in the knowledge they can also protect themselves from the huge numbers of identifiable threats that compete with them.


Geoff explains, no leader needs to feel lost or own their own, but doing nothing is no longer a viable, or sustainable option. Often, he says, the solution already sits within an organisation’s own bubble of intrapreneurs that given the right and strategically aligned opportunities, are the crucible of
revenue-generating creative ideas.


And, Geoff reminds us, don’t forget to fully make use of the readily available shortcuts. Bring in, where necessary, trusted external expertise to help design the systems and processes to suit any digital transformation to manage its continuity planning and portfolio of innovation, any one of which has the potential to be a multi-billion revenue-generating idea that maintains an organisation’s relevancy to its market.