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November 15, 2021

ADAPT Podcast With Venâncio Velloso

Venâncio Velloso is the chief digital officer at Genial Investments. Nominated Top Digital Strategist of 2020 by ACMG, he gracefully shares his visions and strategies on this episode, where we discuss how to thrive by using the right tools and right knowledge for your business.

ADAPT Podcast With Venancio Velloso


(1:30) Venâncio introduces himself and the extensive experience he acquired as an entrepreneur and investor since 2003. He walks us through his two career paths as an entrepreneur as well as a consultant for big companies like Tractebel.


(5:20) Our guest elaborates on his experience bringing Amazon’s marketplace to Brazil.


(9:13) Venâncio shares his view of what digital transformation entails.


(15:25) They discuss the biggest challenges for traditional organizations when facing digital transformation.


(18:45) Venâncio puts out very relevant questions on how we changed as humankind and the ongoing process of adaptation we necessarily will go through.


(21:09) They discuss the challenges of implementing a culture of change and flexibility into current organizations.


(25:00) Venâncio gives insight on how digital transformation can benefit an investment agency. He goes on to explain how he adapted the methodology of David L. Rogers to his scenario, increasing his results by tenfold.


(30:44) They discuss what was the biggest lesson from Venâncio’s career, the meaning of passion and purpose and its effects on a professional and personal level.


(36:01) Venâncio gives invaluable advice for young and inexperienced leaders out there.


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