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October 26, 2021

ADAPT Podcast With Rui Pedro Silva

Rui Pedro Silva is head of product for Maersk Logistics. In this episode, we focus on the human aspect of the digital transformation - and how the consumer's perception will influence the most relevant trends for digital organizations.

ADAPT Podcast With Rui Silva


(1:00) Rui let us know his philosophy of life and career – by adding value you can find a real sense of direction in your career.


(4:00) He elaborates on the importance of shipping services and the huge impact it has on every consumer’s lives. Rui goes on to tell us how he develops products – digital or physical ones – and the process behind it.


(8:00) They talk about the digital age – and how things changed with it. Rui elaborates on the two most important things in life; and how those were influenced greatly by the digital era.


(10:24) Luis asks about the dangers of not embracing the digital era. Rui makes a point of comparing generations and their equal importance when it comes to work performance. He offers a sobering view of how to stay relevant – no matter your age.


(14:47) Rui cites Clayton M. Christensen’s milkshake example: milkshake is not competing with milkshake, it’s competing with donuts. He explains how consumers’ motivation derives from passion.


(18:30) Luis gives examples of unexpected competitors for traditional businesses. They discuss the biggest misconceptions when it comes to product strategies.


(21:45) Rui gives insight on the biggest advantages of going digital, for entrepreneurs and civilians alike.


(26:22) Luis shares his perspective on the opportunities for smaller and unexplored markets. Rui throws light on setbacks for bigger companies.


(29:49) Rui elaborates on what the impact of the digital era will have on the future. He brings attention to education, industry and other aspects and how we must adapt all of these to our current and future reality.


(37:21) They talk about the changes since the pandemic started – the positive and negative aspects of product and logistics operations. Rui describes how human connection can make the difference between success and failure.


(43:00) Rui discloses the greatest lessons he took from his work experience. He provides concrete examples of how both sides of the story always matter.


(45:57) Luis asks for advice for leaders going through digital transformation. Rui shares thoughtful insights on perspective and value.


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