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November 8, 2021

ADAPT Podcast With Rui Negrões Soares

Rui Negrões is the head of digital banking at Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), the biggest Portuguese bank. Luis and Rui discuss the changes in traditional banking and the methods to stay on top of new technologies.

ADAPT Podcast With Rui Negroes Soares


(2:10) Rui comes from a traditional workplace environment and explains his process of bringing digital transformation to CGD.


(3:55) Our guest goes on to explain how digital transformation is a mindset powered by technology.  


(6:33) They discuss how digitalization has increased the value of customer service and the relevance of feedback.


(9:20) Rui shares the biggest advantages of the digital era for a traditional bank like CGD. 


(13:10) They discuss the chatbot application developed by Rui – and the efficiency of product delivery.


(16:00) Rui now let us know about the drawbacks of a traditional business model regarding digitalization. 


(19:00) Luis shares his views on the biggest issues with traditional structures applied to start up organizations. They discuss these systems and the problems that arrive with such structures. 


(27:00) Rui and Luis go on to discuss the importance of placing the right people in the right positions.

(32:00) Luis proposes business models that can adapt to traditional or start-up environments. Rui gives his insights on innovative strategies. 


(35:50) Rui elaborates on the process of digitization for a legacy bank. He gives DBS bank as an example of a successful solution. 


(38:33) They go on to discuss fintechs as a way to adapt to the current scenario. 


(42:40) Luis sheds light on the fintech possibilities based on his experiences with the banking industry. 


(46:00) Rui let us know key points to develop leadership skills – from his extensive experience as a business leader.


(48:40) He then reveals the biggest lesson he took from his career. 


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