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November 14, 2022

ADAPT Podcast With Ronaldo Miranda

In this episode, we welcome Ronaldo Miranda, founder, and CEO of Star-Tech. The leadership’s mindset and cybersecurity are the main topics on the table, so Ronaldo and Luís explain how both topics are correlated and mutually influence each other toward the Innovation and Digital Transformation of a company.

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(1:00) Ronaldo does a quick introduction of his professional path starting from leading several companies, to creating his own, the Start-Tech, in 2017.


(3:42) Ronaldo explains his concept of Digital Transformation by explaining that it doesn’t necessarily mean changing every aspect of a company into technology.


(6:54) Ronaldo states that Digital Transformation is no longer an option, it is to be embraced by the companies that pursue not to lose the market.


(10:19) The illusion of positive short-term results is what Ronaldo thinks to be one of the biggest barriers for leaders to adapt to the Digital Era.


(14:55) Ronaldo brainstorms about how pride can affect a leader to transform and innovate when not accepting experts on board.


(18:10) “Today, data is the big money (…) and most of the attacks come from inside the company” Ronaldo answers concerning the importance of cybersecurity.


(21:15) Luis resumes Ronaldo’s statement about how hackers nowadays blackmail companies with stolen data.


(24:51) Our guest gives examples of actual cybersecurity threats and what to do to avoid them.


(29:34) Ronaldo explains how culture and nationality can influence the change of mindset about cybersecurity importance, specifically in terms of understanding cybersecurity as an investment and not an expense.


(33:13) Taking fast and accurate decisions is the biggest lesson learned from Ronaldo throughout his professional career. Luis agrees by responding “a bad decision is better than a non-decision”.


(35:38) Ronaldo advises beginners to learn how to manage people as part of the company’s ecosystem and to set a humble mindset of acceptance of other people’s expertise.


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