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November 16, 2020

ADAPT Podcast With Nuno Morgadinho

Nuno Morgadinho is the CEO and owner of WidgiLabs, a digital agency specializing in WordPress. Nuno works with clients like Forbes, Vodafone, Observador.Pt, Eco.Pt and many other strong brands from the digital market. In this episode, we get insight into the biggest challenges and advantages for a digital entrepreneur on a local and global level.

ADAPT Podcast With Nuno Morgadinho



(1:00) Nuno starts by sharing his background and professional experience working in Portugal as well as Germany, and his experience with big brands. 

(3:57) Nuno describes what the digital era is and the impact it on the user experience. He goes on to talk about the general experience of using any product or service and the consequences it brings to brand communication and our relationship with these services.


(6:40) They discuss the biggest challenges of the digitalization of business, for example, the difficulties of keeping up with the accelerated technological developments.


(9:10) Luis asks Nuno’s advice on the best practices for traditional businesses that need to go through digital transformation. Nuno shares his views on the main weaknesses of having a traditional mindset.


(12:50) They talk about the barriers digital entrepreneurs face when dealing with the traditional mindset. Luis explains the difference between having a website and building a digital product organisation.

(15:00) Nuno gives us insight into the setbacks and challenges of enforcing digital transformation and the basic tools to start that transformation. 


(18:20) Luis discusses how Covid will unravel massive transformations across the digital business; how to adapt to the current and future economic scenarios. 


(20:40) Nuno shares his vision of the biggest opportunities for market growth, locally and globally. Luis elaborates on this vision and the opportunities for digital transformation in smaller geographical markets. 

(25:30) They discuss how the Portuguese market can especially benefit from a change of pace in digital entrepreneurship and ways to achieve that using its own culture. 


(29:35) Luis asks Nuno how Covid had an influence on his business’ dynamic – and Nuno elaborates on the advantages of cultivating a digital strategy in this scenario.


(32:20) Nuno shares the biggest lessons he learned during his 20 years of experience in the digital business. He elaborates on how our mindset can influence our performance and general success as an entrepreneur.

(35:40) Luis asks Nuno to share his best advice for business leaders and entrepreneurs – Nuno offers philosophical thought and the key best practices to thrive in the digital era. 

(39:14) Finally, Nuno gives us wonderful insight into the tools available to help entrepreneurs make the jump into digital entrepreneurship.


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