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November 22, 2021

ADAPT Podcast With Miguel Moreira

Miguel Moreira is an independent consultant with vast experience within the telecom industry. He enriches us with his thoughts on education and technology, and shares the best practices to navigate digital disruption like a pro.

ADAPT Podcast With Miguel Moreira


(1:40) Miguel introduces himself as a technology aficionado. He describes how the fascination with technology started and his path as an engineer in General Motors, to consultant for companies like PwC, to his experience within the telecom industry. 


(4:57) Luis Goncalves asks our guest about the challenges he faced in the telecom segment, as digital transformation shifted telecommunications core business by the end of the 2000s. 


(5:40) Miguel elaborates on the potential of digital transformation as a disruptive agent. He differentiates disruptive technologies from transformative action. 


(8:35) They speak about the speed of technological change, from Spectrum to Apple and Android.  


(10:51) Miguel shares his views on the benefits of technology, with focus on productivity. He points out that productivity does not keep up with technological growth and gives insight into the economic impact of this imbalance. 


(14:02) Our guest elaborates on the reasons for the imbalance between productivity and technology.


(19:24) Luis and Miguel discuss operations efficiency and process implementation. Miguel gives an example of successful implementation by Amazon, based on observation and user experience. 


(25.45) They talk about the sections that hold the most power when it comes to digital transformation, and the need to defy traditional processes. 


(28:37) Luis asks about the educational aspect of the digital transformation, and Miguel shares a fresh perspective on the balance between education and work. 


(33:57) Miguel addresses the lack of method in the educational system and the need for continuous education throughout professional life. He shares light on methods to promote a more educational mindset.


(37:11) Luis and Miguel discourse about how productive technology can reduce work hours and practices to achieve that. 


(42:30) Miguel Moreira examines the biggest lesson he learned from his career and shares a truly inspirational view on resilience and teamwork.


(45:42) Our guest then gives us golden advice for those who want to lead others, on how to become a leader.


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