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November 29, 2021

ADAPT Podcast With Leandro de Castro

Leandro de Castro is the co-founder of Axon Data and provides high-performance technology and develops analytic solutions. He graces us with his knowledge of big data and its effects on digital transformation.

ADAPT Podcast With Leandro De Castro


(1:30) Leandro starts the interview by sharing a bit about his background as electrical engineering, master and phD of Computer Science with focus on artificial intelligence.


(3:00) He defines digital transformation as the 4.0 industry and connects it with machine learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and general state of the art technology.


(4:45) Our guest discusses the benefits of the digital revolution to corporations and the general public – highlighting the opportunities for product and customer service improvement.


(6:30) Luis shares business solutions for exploring international markets.


(11:59) Leandro talks about the challenges of bringing digital transformation to traditional businesses, discourses about how digital transformation promotes scalability of operations.


(16:26) Luis asks Leandro about the future of digital transformation, in a timeframe of ten years. Leandro gives us insight into three main perspectives: privacy, data value and data analysis.


(20:39) Our guest shares examples of how data can improve operations.


(24:51) Luis asks Leandro’s advice on leadership, especially on how to deal with tech teams. Leandro gives us great practical advice on the alternatives and how to approach such challenges.


(29:36) Leandro tells us about his company’s pillars and features, such as A.I training.


(32:04) Luis asks about the biggest lessons Leandro learned from his career experience. Leandro inspires us with his insights on ethical work, teamwork, and a solution-focused mindset.


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