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November 16, 2020

ADAPT Podcast With Gerard Chiva

Gerard Chiva provides invaluable insights on how to adapt to the digital landscape. He is the manager and founding director of AKTIA Solutions and a longtime friend of the show. This episode will show you key aspects of team management, the biggest challenges and the biggest opportunities to thrive and grow your business.

ADAPT Podcast With Gerard Chiva



(2:00) Gerard explains a bit about his professional background, his experience with Oracle and his introduction to Agile and Lean methodologies. 


(4:00) The journey into becoming a freelancer and how Luis Gonçalves helped with his transition, the creation of AKTIA Solutions and its mission. 


(6:00) Gerard gives his definition of what a digital era consists of, the trigger for what became the digital era and how product value shifted since the start of it all. 

(9:00) Gerard gives insight on how three key sections of the industry propelled the digital era into what it is today. He focused on how customer service suffered one of the biggest shifts and its impact on businesses everywhere.

(11:10) Luis elaborates on how to use the impact from customer expectations to the advantage of an online business. Gerard suggests that traditional business models and startups are two sides of a coin – they elaborate on the ample opportunities to shift into a digital product organization.

(14:15) They discuss the best practices for creating ethical digital business and how to turn these opportunities into successful endeavours. Gerard proposes three solutions to find and develop business growth.


(20:25) Luis elaborates on the limitations of keeping a digital business local – Gerard gives his perspective on what the focus should be when creating a digital product or solution. 

(23:15) They discuss the biggest challenges that traditional business leaders have in the digital era.  Gerard provides examples of traditional organizations that adapted their strategy into a digital environment.

(26:40) Luis speaks of his experience with Nokia and best practices on how to compete with the biggest corporations. He explains the key aspects of digital business strategy and how the focus should never rest on sales only.

(28:52) Gerard gives more examples of challenging aspects for running a business model, either traditional or digital. 

(30:50) They discuss budget planning according to product and how to adapt their strategy when facing difficult market conditions.

(34:45) Luis and Gerard discuss how traditional models are dying in the current digital landscape and the impact from Covid-19 on Gerard’s business.

(38:00) They talk about the changes in customer service within Covid’s landscape. 


(40:20) Gerard shares the biggest lessons he learned from working as a manager and a coach. Luis tells us about how clients perceive OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and how to correctly apply the framework. 

(44:00) Our guest recommends the best practices for a smooth digital transformation. He explains the value of a human-centered approach to team management and how the right person in the right position can change a company’s dynamic. 


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