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December 5, 2022

ADAPT Podcast With André Marquet

The new guest of the ADAPT Podcast is André Marquet, a Lecturer Product at Lisbon Catholic Business School, the founder of Productized and so much more. We welcome you to the digital transformation topic, now under the examples of actual countries, such as Portugal, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and the globalization of small companies. Is selling out a solution?

Adapt Podcast


(0:58) André briefly introduces his work, from a Lecturer Product to a company’s and founder’s advisor.


(2:19) André believes that digital transformation is connected to Product Transformation, even though the latter term has something that the first doesn’t, which is becoming a more product-centric company.


(8:02) André considers that the biggest challenge for companies that nowadays become digital is their mindset of continuing to sell to a public niche instead of expanding it worldwide to whoever could benefit from it.


(12:10) Luís sustains the concept of the complexity of globalization in business.


(16:04) From André’s point of view, digital transformation enables companies to serve the client much more efficiently (in an easier and faster way), as the costs are lower, and the target can be aimed worldwide.


(19:15) Luís introduces the example of Saudi Arabia in agreement with André’s argument on how geographic borders are outdated when it comes to selling a product online.


(23:00) André deconstructs the concept of productivity by mentioning that the biggest challenge for the Portuguese IT sector is the reliability of cheap labor, which means low productivity.


(27:00) In response to André’s statement of the existing and necessary limited lifecycle of companies, Luís mentions an article of his authorship where he suggested Portugal should invest its millions in start-ups, instead of in big companies, such as TAP and banks.


(33:14) André and Luís agree on how investing a billion in start-ups in Portugal could improve its financial status and worldwide influence, starting with the payback on taxes.


(36:23) André brainstorms how the Portuguesese culture is an influence and a restrain for Portugal’s GDP per capita to be twice higher than it currently is.


(40:20) André explains what he would advise if start-ups, or any company that’s seeking to change, reached out to him to become more digitally integrated businesses.


(43:53) Even though André argues that every leader needs to find their path, he states the importance of not being bound to constraints inside of an existing company or a to-build company.


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