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December 6, 2021

ADAPT Podcast With Andre Iaconelli

In this episode, we meet André Iaconelli, co-founder of Zaga, a financial consulting agency specialized in health care solutions. They discuss the future of healthcare and discuss how a variety of business techniques can boost digital transformation in the right direction.

ADAPT Podcast With Andre Iaconelli


(1:05) André tells us a bit about his background and his experience with investment banking and the transition to big corporations. 


(3:00) Our guest talks about his experience with financial services working in Europe, his impressions of the 3G culture and how he made the decision to open his consulting business for small and medium healthcare providers. He gives insight on his strategy, based on the 3G business model. 


(5:45) Luis gives insight on the Portuguese scenario on healthcare and the opportunities for change.


(8:06) André gives insights on the biggest advantages of digital transformation for traditional healthcare companies and goes beyond, sharing light on possibilities for all sorts of businesses. 


(16:54) Luis and André discuss the opportunities for communication improvements and explore the disadvantages of not going through digital transformation. 


(18:48) André clear up the disadvantages of digital transformation – especially when it comes to short term goals. 


(23:37) Luis and André discuss the future of healthcare through a digital transformation perspective. 


(28:15) Our guest let us know about the logistic side of the business, and how to solve its bottlenecks by using automation tools, bringing democratization of healthcare through a well-managed supply system. 


(33:40) André breaks down the biggest lessons from his career. They discuss the effects of failure and how to deal with frustration. 

(39:44) Our guest shares his stoic vision, recommending courage, resilience and humility. They finish the interview by sharing invaluable leadership lessons.