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Helping You To Create A Digital Product Company!


All our workshops are specifically tailored to start your journey towards a business that is designed to thrive and nourish in the Digital Era!
All these workshops are completely free, and the biggest goal is to help you as a leader to build a Digital Product Company!
Depending on the type of engagement you want to have with us we built two different workshops!
Our ADAPT Digital Product Organisation Consulting Program supports you by adapting your entire organization to thrive and nourish in the Digital Era by creating a Digital Product Organisation.
Our program is based on our proven ADAPT Methodology® resulting in your recognition as a modern and digital leader!
The ADAPT Digital Product Organisation Consulting Program is the premium solution because is fully implemented by our team in your organisation. We call this approach a We Do It With You solution!
I had the opportunity to spend two days with Luís Gonçalves at the House of Digital Business, in Oeiras, thinking how PHC Software could be a more agile and faster company. With this experience in mind, I have no doubt that the Executive Workshop is a great experience for everyone who aims to challenge their company to gain perspective on how to rethink their internal organization.
Ricardo Parreira
CEO at phc Sofware
The team helped us at a critical moment when our team was adrift and need to reboot they're way of working and organizing themselves. Luis and his team spent a full week with us working with us and built from what we had at the time to a process that perfectly fitted our needs for product development.
Rui Pedro Alves
CEO at Rupial
The team is a creative, bold, intelligent and resourceful group of professionals who can quickly impress in any organisational setup. Their eagerness to enhance not only the working environment but processes, solutions, products and services is simply inspiring.
Tiago Luchini
Partner at WORK CO
The Executive Digital Product Company Workshop is something software development companies should do.
The level of proficiency of its people in the topics covered, with the integration of practical examples, active listening, and the ability to adapt to the different backgrounds of our company, made this event dynamic and very inspiring for our future strategy, especially when we think about the adoption of a Digital Product-focused strategy.
It was excellent!
Joao Marta da Cruz
CEO at Finantech


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