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Certification Program

Become An ADAPT Methodology® Certified Consultant

The ADAPT Methodology® is a unique Digital Product Development framework to change traditional project-oriented companies toward product-centric companies!


Society changed and leaders need support to adapt their companies to the digital era, that is the reason why the ADAPT Methodology® was created!



Luis Gonçalves

Luis Gonçalves is an Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author and International Keynote Speaker.
When consulting he works exclusively with Entrepreneurs, Founders and Senior Leaders on the implementation of his game-changing ADAPT Methodology®.
By following the ADAPT Methodology® Executive Leaders will be able to assess 5 main pillars of their organisation by identifying gaps that are required for them to succeed as a modern and digital leader.

Gerard Chiva

Driving market leadership for your digital business.
I help companies build better products and executives to develop leading product organizations. I work with digital businesses to drive market leadership by enabling product organizations.
I offer expert advice, consulting and coaching to companies who develop software based products which are looking for high growth rates.

Alvaro Ferreira

Professional with a T-shaped skill set, highly motivated and results-focused with extensive knowledge and experience on the intricacies of digital product development from concept to market.
I’m a team player and a natural problem solver, with a combination of servant and transformational leadership, interpersonal skills at both a technical and non-technical level, and effective communication skills, which help me to collaborate with teams, stakeholders and senior management so that business objectives are met and teams effectiveness maximized.