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Category: Transformation

OKRs: The Ultimate Guide That Explains Everything

OKRs: the internal grading system Google uses for its employees could benefit your organisation too! In this article we described in details what OKRs are and how can you apply them.

Design Thinking: The Power of Customer-centric Approach to Problem Solving

There’s no denying that Design Thinking is the way of the future. Companies can really satisfy the demands of their clients and find the best solutions to problems using Design Thinking. However, one needs a clear understanding of what this method is and how to use it if one wants to remain on top.  

Design Thinking – An innovation tool

Design Thinking as an innovation tool – Design Thinking can make sure that you don’t start your innovative work heading off in the wrong direction.

Lean Change Management A Mandatory Approach For Every Executive Leader

Resisting the change is a natural reaction when you don´t involve people affected by the change. Jason Little´s book,  Lean Change Management, shows how to implement successful change through examples of innovative practices that can dramatically improve the success of change programs. About Lean Change Management Model “All models are wrong, but some are useful” is Learn More