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Category: Digital Product Development

Project to Product the move for every successful executive leader

Project to Product is a movement to help executive leaders to adapt from a traditional project-oriented company toward a product-centric company. Traditionally project-oriented companies are focused on delivery while product-centric companies are focused on business and customer impact.

Agile Transformation mistakes you must avoid at any cost!

One of the pillars of the ADAPT Methodology™ is the Agility part, that`s why talking about Agile Transformation Mistakes is very important!   In this blog post, we make you aware of 14 common Agile Transformation Mistakes that you must avoid at any cost! If you are an executive leader looking to ADAPT your company Learn More

OKR Framework For Saudi Arabian Digital Product Companies

Saudi Arabian companies are working towards the Saudi Vision 2030, and most of them are developing digital product companies therefore this article demonstrates a fantastic tool to help Saudi Leaders to build effective and efficient Digital Product Companies.

Agile Transformation Roadmap Suggestion For Leaders

During this decade, several companies embrace the need for an Agile Transformation but most of the leaders do not know where to start. In this article, you can find a suggestion where to start and what kind of activities you should take into consideration to run a successful Agile Transformation.

Product Owner AntiPatterns in Scrum That You Must Avoid

People spend years trying to understand the importance of good design patterns, buy books about the right practices of the industry but most of the time they forget about the antipatterns, this blog post explains some of the most common mistakes that organizations do about the role of product owners.

Planning Poker and Scrum Poker, A Guide For Leaders

Agile teams from around the world use the planning poker technique to estimate their product backlogs. Usually, the planning poker uses story points to estimate the complexity of a story and brings together multiple expert opinions for the estimation.