Becoming A Successful Leader In The Digital Era Does Not Need To Be A Pain! !
ADAPT is a Digital Transformation Book and a guide for Executive Leaders that want to build organisations that will become references in the industry, that everyone will talk about resulting in huge visibility of their Executive Management Team.

After reading this book will you have a good understanding of the 5 main pillars that you must implement as Executive Leader in order to ADAPT your company to the digital era!
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What Will You Learn

Unique Approach To Guarantee Executive Leaders Success In The Digital Era

The Approach pillar exists to help you to solve one of the most important problems that leaders face: a complete approach end to end to create awareness and generate sales for your company in the Digital Era!

The Data pillar exists to help you to organise and have a better understanding of your customer habits and reaction to your products or services. In the Digital Era, a company cannot exist without taking into account a good strategy for how the data will be used.

The Agility Pillar exists to transform software development organisations into agile, flexible and fast digital operational companies, resulting in improved time-to-market

The Product pillar exists to Improve the odds of success by learning to design a winning product strategy, develop viable business models, discover the right product for the right audience.

The Transform pillar exists to help you to restructure your organisation in order to create an organisation that is optimised for speed. You will be able to change direction quickly, break the necessary hierarchies and create coalitions between executives and the operational layer and creating a culture where innovation becomes an integral part of the company.

The Author
Luis Gonçalves is a founder and managing director at Evolution4All, a fast-growing management consulting company.

Luis spent most of his career helping organisations become more Agile with different roles in different organisations.

Luis is able to work with all different layers of the organisation making himself and his company a perfect partner for any organisational transformation.

He is dedicated to helping executives to build digital product organisations that are able to survive and flourish in any market conditions.

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