Design Product-Ready ScaleUps To Thrive And Nourish In The Digital Era

The capacity to grow and scale efficiently sets successful companies apart in the vibrant landscape of scaleups. With this perspective, we've built training for scaleup founders, providing you with the critical knowledge and tools to propel your businesses towards scalable, sustainable expansion.

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From nurturing a culture of agility and innovation to stressing the significance of customer-centric product development, this workshop encompasses a range of strategies that you can implement to spur significant growth.


Holistic Approach to Digital Product Development

The ADAPT Methodology® delivers a comprehensive, methodology deeply integrated with modern digital practices. It emphasizes continuous adaptation, strategic innovation, and operational efficiency, ensuring that scaleups remain nimble and responsive to market dynamics. By embracing the ADAPT Methodology®, your company can ensure that its growth strategies are sustainable, data-driven, and in alignment with your long-term vision.

What Will You Get From The ADAPT Methodology® Workshop?

At the conclusion of our 3-Days workshop, you will emerge equipped with invaluable insights and tools to address the following critical areas:

  • Learn how to establish OKRs, aligning strategic vision with measurable outcomes to boost focus, accountability, and team success.
  •  Learn how to articulate strategies using a Lean Product Roadmap and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), ensuring every team member is aligned and focused.
  • Master the design of organizations that are optimized for continual product development.
  • Acquire a blueprint that facilitates rapid validation of new product ideas, drastically reducing time to market.
  • Gain a blueprint that supports a robust ideation and product discovery process, essential for keeping your products relevant and competitive.
  • Learn to predict product delivery timelines accurately, enabling better planning and resource allocation.
  • Learn how to design a company that is structured to support continuous product development and innovation.
  • Implement a comprehensive digital product governance model like demonstrated below.
  • And much much more...

What People Are Saying About The ADAPT Methodology® Workshop?

The level of proficiency of its people in the topics covered, with the integration of practical examples, made this event dynamic and very inspiring for future strategy, especially when we think about the adoption of a Digital Product-focused strategy. It was excellent!”
João Marta da Cruz
CEO at Finantech
I spent three days with their team and I do not doubt that the ADAPT Methodology® Workshop is a great experience for everyone who aims to challenge their company to gain perspective on how to rethink their internal product organization.
Ricardo Parreira
CEO at PHC Software